When Moms Pray Together: True Stories of God's Power to Transform Your Child

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Do you ever wonder if praying for your child makes a positive difference? The truth is, When Moms Pray Together the heart of God is touched and things begin to change...even when you can't see it at first.

With 25 true stories of moms just like you, this book will help you lose any reservations about the value of prayer. These gritty, moving stories from around the world reveal God's power in the midst of life's greatest trials (including dyslexia, bulimia, sexual trauma, and drug addiction) and give you strategies for biblical, effective prayers.

When two or three (or more!) gather to pray, God not only changes the hearts of children, He changes the circumstances around them. When Moms Pray Together provides hope, the will to persevere in prayer, and encouragement to praying moms everywhere.


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