Moms in Prayer: Standing in the Gap for Your Children

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Our children are caught up in a culture in which the moral foundations are crumbling. Who will stand in the gap for them, crying out to God to protect them from the evils vying for their young hearts and minds?


In Moms in Prayer, Fern Nichols shows you how to pray in a way that can change your life and the lives of those you love. She teaches the principles and practices that will revolutionize not only the way you think about prayer, but also the way you pray, leading you into a deeper intimacy with Jesus, who is always interceding on your behalf. 

In this book, sparkling with real-life stories of God at work in the lives of praying moms, Fern introduces four elements of prayer foundational to the Moms in Prayer approach: praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession.

The united prayers of moms are changing the spiritual landscape of their homes, schools, communities, and nations. Using this format you will discover for yourself that God speaks, God hears, God acts, and God works with moms in prayer.

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