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Moms in Prayer Booklet - English - Ebook

Moms in Prayer Booklet - English - Ebook

Our children attending school face their greatest test in resisting immoral values, vulgar language and peer pressure. As mothers, we want to be involved in our children's lives through prayer - asking the Lord to protect them from harm, to help them know the difference between right and wrong, and to guide them in making good decisions.
This can be overwhelming on our own. Praying with another mom who is experiencing the same fears and hopes for their children can be comforting, supportive and life-changing. This Booklet was created to help moms learn how to pray and how to begin a Moms in Prayer group so they can pray together. It describes how Moms in Prayer / Moms in Touch began and what it is, tips on starting your own group (with only two or more moms!), how to pray, what to pray for, suggested Scriptures to study and incorporate in your prayer time, and much more.

Moms in Prayer International is an interdenominational, Christian prayer movement.

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